The workshop was valuable

I would recommend it to others. Our trainer was extremely warm and welcoming. She put everyone at ease and made everyone feel special. I most appreciated the print materials. It is a blessing to have all these resources available to us. It was great to be reassured that we could accommodate our specific program needs with the REST program.

Nancy Burton, Rooftop Friends Disability Ministry, Montgomery, AL-

Our families will be incredibly grateful

I feel that our families will be incredibly grateful that we have trained respite caregivers that they can call on when they need a break. We now also have some very well trained volunteers for our events that require volunteers to directly care for individuals with Down Syndrome, which we are   always in need of.

Abby Brandon,  Missouri-

Wonderfully organized

It was wonderfully organized and good preparation for anyone interested in providing respite care.

 -Sherry White, Arkansas-

Well structured and easy to follow

I would recommend this program to others because it is very much needed and beneficial for our communities. The course was very well-structured and easy to follow. I most appreciated the high energy and passion from the instructors. I have gained a lot of new ideas for my instructing time.

                                                                                                         -Bethany Cheatham, Arkansas-

Thankful for this training!

I attended the REST training because I was looking for ways that I could help both my church volunteers do their work better and the people they serve by making them feel comfortable and loved and cared for. I felt the training exceeded my expectations. I am happy and thankful I attended this training and I recommend to all who desire to be a respite volunteer or those who wish to be one.

– Juancho, IL –

Recommending this training!

I would recommend to professionals that work with respite workers to give a structured training!

– Kay, Nebraska –

A great benefit!

It was a very enjoyable training. I learned a lot and can’t wait to go back to the office and use the new skills I learned.

– Libby, Illinois –

Well developed and presented

The REST training was well developed and presented. It was very interactive which kept it interesting. The hospitality during the training, which included various drink options and great snacks was also a plus!

– Becky Fisher, Illinois –

I was quite impressed

I was quite impressed with the levels of compassion and knowledge the Master Trainers provided. The two days went quickly because they had a great sense of humor and encouraged the participants to bond.

– Pamela Thyng, New Hampshire –

Provided me with the tools and confidence I need

REST has provided me with the tools and confidence I need to train volunteer respite workers that caregivers so desperately need.

– Kate Duback, Illinois –

Absolutely recommend this training

I would absolutely recommend this training to anyone currently running or about to begin a respite program. Our agency has been providing respite for over 20 years and this training covers so much of the critical knowledge and tools our staff require to provide high-quality respite care.

– Melissa McQuilkin, Florida –

Just what I needed

REST training is just what I needed to get started in establishing Leap of Faith respite. I now feel more confident in leading high-quality volunteer training for my ministry.

– Erin Pittenger, Kansas –

Looking forward to using the REST program

Our program is looking forward to using the REST program as an integral part of the technical assistance we can provide to organizations or groups interested in starting new respite programs.

– Melissa Enfinger, Alabama –

Taking this tool and REST training to CANADA

I’m looking forward to taking this tool and REST training to CANADA to expand and better equip our current and new respite providers.

– Margo Babe, Canada –

…Very comprehensive training

I was very impressed with the level of quality and professionalism of the trainers and the training program. This is a very comprehensive training covering aspects of respite care.

– Val Croissant, Wisconsin –

One of the best training programs!

The REST training program is extremely comprehensive and well organized. One of the best training programs I have ever participated in!

– Kandace Groher, Tennessee –

…a well-rounded respite program

The REST program is just what my organization was looking for to start a well-rounded respite program

– Clare Farless, Tennessee –